Creative Appliques

Most Original Design Shirts with creative appliques are designed the same way as the Original Design Shirts shown here, except that they have appliques that are created for the shirt using solid fabrics. They are priced according to the number of appliques. A shirt with one applique is $55.00 with an additional charge of $5.00 per applique. For example, a shirt with four feathers on the back would be $70.00 (3 additional appliques).

New shirts of this style are being created all the time Popular styles are as follows:

Four Feather Shirt with Medicine Wheel on Back
Four Feathers with medicine wheel (Details of back and front pictured).

Back of shirt

Front of shirt

Four Feather Shirt
with Medicine Wheel on Front
Four eagle feather appliques across the back near the shoulders with four direction colors hanging from each. Additional appliques may be added for $5.00 each.

White Buffalo with Medicine Wheel and Pipe$70.00
White buffalo with medicine wheel and pipe (details from back of the shirt shown) Front has four direction ribbons at the neck opening.

Bear with Tiny Bear Paw $65.00
Bear with tiny bear paw (back and front details shown). Patterns may vary with colors chosen.



Turtle Shirts $60.00
A front design except upon request for an enlargement on the back.

Single Bear or Single Wolf Paw Design$60.00
Also available in wolf paw or combined with a medicine wheel.

Single Bear Paw

Three Bear Paws or Three Wolf Paw$70.00

Wolf paw

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Updated June 1, 2021