Flag Shirts

The highlight of this shirt is the flag (17x12) with an Indian superimposed sewn across the shoulders of the back of the shirt. The body of the shirt is made of layers of red, white, and blue fabric, sometimes including flag motif fabric. The sleeves are white with flags (flag size varies) on each sleeve.

"Two" Flag Shirt$65.00
The shirt is the same as the "popular" style but has a large flag (21x13) in the front usually in the middle of the shirt. Good quality flags are in short supply. This shirt may be discontinued at any time.

Eagle Flag Shirt (not shown)$65.00
This is the POPULAR FLAG SHIRT with an eagle appliqued on one side of the shirt front. For an additional $5.00, the eagle may be sewn on the TWO FLAG SHIRT (total, $65.00).

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Updated June 1, 2021