Plain Shawls$95 (Not a Stock Item)
Shawls with Decoration$115

Traditional dance shawls are standard size. Color combinations are made to your choice although I always have some shawls in stock for quick delivery.

Custom designs may be done upon request. I reserve the right to vary prices for complicated designs.

Star Shawls

Star available in many colors. Teal, reds, purple or other colors of your choice.$115.00

Kokopelli Shawls

Two flute players in center with two smaller ones along the edge.$115.00

Medicine Wheel w/ Wolf Shawls

Medicine wheel and wolf with border.$115.00

Medicine Wheel Shawls
Medicine Wheel with 4 Feathers Hanging$115.00

Medicine Wheel with 4 Feathers Inside$115.00

Small Medicine Wheel with 4 Feathers and Border$115.00

Medicine Wheel with Bear Paw
Also available with Wolf Paw

Medicine Wheel with Bear$115.00

Medicine Wheel with Four Direction Turtles
4 small turtles are used as border (not shown)
Also available in Wolf Paw, Horse, Hand, and Buffalo

Medicine Wheel with Eagle$115.00

Other Medicine Wheel Designs:
  1. Medium medicine wheel with two large feathers from the center
  2. Large turtle with medicine wheel inside
  3. Large medicine wheel only
  4. Hawk and Medicine Wheel

Star Quilt Design
Star is hand patched in four direction colors (your color choice would be a delay). The shawl comes in red or black with fringe of the four directions.
Star Quilt Design$115.00

Center Back Designs
  1. Butterfly Shawl
    Large butterfly in the center back
  2. White Buffalo Shawl
    Large white buffalo with a small medicine wheel stitched on. White fringe.
  3. Bear with Heartline
    Red shawl with black bear. Black fringe.
  4. Horse Designs
  5. Geometric Designs in all colors
  6. Roses or other floral designs
  7. Iroquois Design (see traditional shirts page for picture)

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Updated June 1, 2021