Medicine Wheel Shirts
Lakota medicine wheel colors are used unless other colors or arrangements are requested (Red, North; Yellow, East; White, South; Black, West). The medicine wheel may vary in size and location (the largest, 10" on the back to the smallest, 3" on the front side). Four direction color ribbons are hanging from each wheel. See our Creative Appliques section for more designs!

Medicine Wheel Shirt$60.00
The shirt top is a color that will look well with the directional colors. The shirt bottom is usually a darker color. Please indicate desired placement of the medicine wheel (front or back).

Medicine Wheel with an Applique$65.00

The medicine wheel is combined with an eagle, a buffalo, or another animal or design of your choice. The size of the medicine wheel is determined by the size of the applique.

Medicine Wheel with Star Quilt Design$75.00
This popular design has a medicine wheel on the front and a hand patched star in medicine wheel colors on the back.

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Updated June 1, 2021